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Epiphania 2

Epiphania plunges us from the very first pages into the anguish of David, an enclosed musician whose daily life is marked by a recurring nightmare in which his wife, Jeanne, gives birth to a monstrous child. This fear of paternity is at the origin of dissensions in the household. At the initiative of Jeanne, they embark on a strange therapy of collective couple on a depopulated island. Their stay is abruptly interrupted by a tsunami of a rare violence that carries, Jeanne and the great majority of the inhabitants of the island. Three meteorites have 2018-10-29_11h23_39.pngjust hit the ground causing unexpected consequences. Children, who are gradually discovering certain animal charateristics, come out of the ground. Back home, David finds one these strange little beings in his garden, which he adopts and names him Kojika. The follows an intense story where men, after, this natural disaster, are confronted with individuals both identical and other, referred to as « Mix-bodies or Epiphanians ». In the second volume, Koji grew up a Understanding that he is programmed to harm the human species, he chooses to leave his adoptive father, David, to protect him. With his people, the will try understand where they com from and who they are. To know the end, it will be necessary to wait for the third and last part of this fantastic fancy fantasy, scripted by Ludovic Debeurme, colored by himself and Fanny Michaelis (Editions Casterman). Assured crush


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